What makes us so special?

We’ve built some of the most trafficked independent agent websites on the internet and know exactly what it takes to generate leads.

We specialize in life insurance

We speak it, we sell it, we believe in it and we’ve had 100’s of thousands of visitors come to our network of life insurance sites. We build the same elements that have taken us over 5 years to develop into your website.

No subscription fees

You own your website 100% and are building a sellable asset as opposed to many of our competitors where you’re “renting” a site for a monthly fee.


Most life insurance websites get 1-3 leads per 100 visitors (1%-3% conversion). Our sites get 5-7 leads per 100 visitors (5%-7% conversion) just using our proven elements. In other words our websites perform at twice the rate of typical life insurance websites.

Why WordPress?

Some of the most trafficked sites on the internet run on WordPress.
WordPress is very easy to learn and posting new content is simple. Even an old school debit agent could learn this in 20 minutes by going through tutorials and see how easy it is to post content.
It’s the easiest CMS (Content Management System) to use. As life insurance agents, we need something easy and efficient. Learning HTML or hiring a web developer on an ongoing basis isn’t needed anymore.
If you fall in any of these 2 categories, you would get the most value.

Who is this for?

Any agent looking to generate life insurance leads online. If you’re going to put in the efforts to build traffic to your website, make sure your website performs.
Experienced agents who are converting less than 4% of their traffic. Meaning out of every 100 visitors, you’re getting less than 4 leads. Our sites consistently produce 5%-7% conversions.