WPLifeInsurance.com was started because we were tired of seeing life insurance agents waste their money on websites.Web agencies are selling agents websites without any life insurance industry knowledge or marketing optimization, so agents are getting pretty websites that don’t perform very well. On the other end of the spectrum, the subscription website service model (aka pay $50/mo for a new website) produces poorly performing websites on a rental basis. Seeing this pain in the market, we started WPLifeInsurance.com to deliver high performing websites that you own 100% with no ongoing subscription fees. What makes us different than other website providers is we are actually life insurance agents. Our core business is generating life insurance leads online for our own agencies and we’ve taken our experience, knowledge and extremely talented development team to build life insurance websites for agents. WPLifeInsurance.com is really all about the people and the process.

About Our Team

Jeff Root

I started WPLifeInsurance because I couldn’t confidently refer agents to ANY web agency to build a quality life insurance website. Furthermore, I was tired of seeing agents paying for websites that don’t even have a chance to bring them leads. I’d say the websites 95% of agents have are built poorly and will perform poorly. My agency generates over 2500 exclusive life insurance leads per MONTH (and growing) and we take everything we know to optimize a website and put that into every website we build. It’s a combination of design, messaging, efficient programming and marketing optimization. The process I use to build out my websites is the exact process I’ll use to build out your website. There’s a reason why our website’s rank higher in the search engines and convert more visitors to leads than other agents websites. It’s in the process I’ve tested for over 5 years.

Jason Fisher

Fish is a licensed agent and a WordPress wizard. He generates his own life insurance leads from his own network of sites, so he walks the walk when it comes to generating life insurance leads online. Fish will be your point of contact throughout the process and is the personality on the other end of the line if you call in. He’ll be managing the build with our team of developers.

Programming Team

You’d really think I’d expose my secret weapon, ha! Think again. Our programming team has been with us for years and is the brains of the operation. Every success we’ve had over the years is because of the constant testing these guys have done. Without this team, I wouldn’t even think to start WPLifeInsurance.com. In fact, if they ever decided to leave, I’d shut WPLifeInsurance.com down immediately. They’re that important. Together Fish, myself and our team of developers are available to build the foundation of your internet life insurance business.

About Our Process

There’s a reason we do things the way we do. We started building custom websites for agents in our “circle” who asked us. We found ourselves educating and trying to convince agents to do things that we knew worked. It created friction and it didn’t let us use our insider knowledge for their benefit. So this is why we show you our highest converting websites and let you pick one. Then we customize the colors to your logo and replace images so it looks like a completely unique website, but performs to our standards.

So here’s the process:

  1. We send you a questionnaire to customize your website.
  2. Wait 7-14 days for your site to be live (depending on our workflow). We’ll let you know our projected timeline after you complete the questionnaire in step 1.
That’s it. We do everything else for you. Our process is simple, efficient and produces a life insurance website for you that performs you just need to put the marketing efforts in. After we deliver your website, we won’t leave you hanging either. We’ll leave you with video tutorials to add content, instructions to make any future changes and LIFETIME ACCESS in our private community of agents discussing online marketing and where you can ask any questions you have or soak in the details of what other successful agents are doing. The only reason you won’t generate your own life insurance leads will be lack of action and commitment.