Cost of a Life Insurance Website

Your website is the face of your business.  According to LIMRA, over 80% of people do some sort of research online before contacting a life insurance agent.  It’s a no-brainer for any life insurance agent to have an effective website these days.

I emphasize the word “effective” because a website can actually turn away business if you’re not sending out the right trust signals or have a poorly designed and performing website.  There’s something in your website analytics called “Bounce Rate” – if your bounce rate is high, you’re not sending the right signals.

It’s no longer ok just to have a website.  You need something that your prospects will come back to, reference and refer their friends.

Gone are the days where a template website with your contact information is sufficient.   Consumers are interacting with websites every single day.  If you’re website doesn’t provide instant quotes, resourceful information and give your prospect that very important feeling of trust – then they’re going to find another website/agent.

Prospects are looking for reasons to buy life insurance.  They want to trust you enough to engage a conversation.  I get emails, blog comments and phone calls daily of consumers asking me questions and I can only gather they do that because I’ve provided insightful information and built a level of trust.

With that said, you need a custom website if you want online inquiries.

But how much should you pay?

You have a lot of options to build your custom website at different price ranges.

Average Cost of a Small Business Website

Run a search in Google for “Average Cost of a Website”.

According to the first few results, a custom website will run you anywhere from $2,000-$12,000 according to this article and around $7500 according to this article.  It depends on how custom you need the website to be.

In our case (being life insurance agents), we want to display instant quotes – so we need our websites pretty customized.  Even if you don’t agree with offering instant quotes (because lets face it, the consumer doesn’t know what health class they fall in), it’s a service your prospects are expecting.  If they can’t get instant quotes from you, they’ll go to another website and get it.

I’ve seen agents pay anywhere from $750 – $15,000 for a custom life insurance website.  Huge range there.

Low Priced Web Design

Lets address the bottom range first.

There are a lot of low skilled website developers out there making “custom” life insurance websites for less than $1000.   This seems to be the route most agents are taking.  They see a custom website for $1000 and jump on it and tell them to copy “ABC Website”.

Here’s an example for one for $400 in my LinkedIn feed that I get spammed with:


The problem is these websites are typically built poorly (coding and site architecture) which hinders your ability to rank in the search engines.  The websites usually “break” when there are updates to WordPress or whatever CMS you use and you’ll need to hire someone to fix them.  They’re also not optimized on mobile devices for conversions – 35% of your traffic will come from mobile devices.

Then you have the “subscription” based insurance websites.  They typically charge $50/mo and you get a nice looking clean website.


However, you won’t get many leads (if any at all) because of so many reasons: poorly built, not optimized for life insurance conversions, no instant quotes, duplicate content (bad for search engines).  Worst of all – you’re marketing a site where you own the domain, but you don’t own the design or hosting.  If you stopped paying $50/mo or that website subscription service goes out of business, you have nothing.

I refer to them as insurance website sweatshops.  They pump out low quality websites in bulk.  It’s the worst place you can start if you’re marketing a website.

High Cost Web Design

On the flipside you have design agencies that are quoting $5,000-$15,000 for a custom life insurance website that includes custom instant quotes and integrate everything that we do.

These design agencies have a lot of talent and can get the job done, but they don’t have the insights we do.  Plus most agents can’t afford a $5,000 price tag with no actual leads coming in.

How We Build Quality Life Insurance Websites at an AFFORDABLE Rate

We build our websites on WordPress and provide a resource video library to make any changes, add content, images etc.  We don’t have to charge for the training on using the website because you’ll have everything you need.

There’s also no going back and forth on website design that gets so costly because we already know what we’re building you.

We’ve built dozens of websites with instant quotes and can customize the software quickly, where a web agency would take at least a few hours just to figure out (and cost you more money).

There are systems and processes in place to deliver a high performing life insurance focused website.  These efficiencies make it so we can price our websites as low as we do.

I’ll leave you with this thought.

Your website is a lead generating asset and increases the value of your business, especially if you train your clients by referring to links on your website.  For example, sending periodic emails to your clients with a link explaining conversions…or when working a prospect sending reference links explaining the difference between term and whole life.  If you continually reference your website, your book of business will when they need you.

So make sure it’s effective and built properly so you can maximize your online marketing.