Constructing An Effective About Us Page

Writing content for your website may or may not be something you choose to do; not everyone has the time, eloquence or knowledge right off the bat to know what readers and search engines are looking for. Good copywriting has become somewhat of an art form, and readers consume different types of media in different ways.

However, even if you’re a part of the majority who choose to outsource their website content, we strongly urge you to write your own “About Us” page.

Most every prospect who comes through your website with real interest will click on your “About Us” page. This is because it’s one of the places they go to verify you are trustworthy, real, and not a monster call center. It’s a place they can click to see the real you.

Your “About Us” page also helps your readers to begin to relate to you. You would be amazed at how many times we have answered the phone and heard a prospect say, “Wow, I wasn’t actually expecting to get you directly.”

They like that!

Now that prospect has seen your face, knows a little about you, and has a feeling of comfort simply by hearing your voice. Your voice, picture and backstory help create a face-to-face type of emotional bond you don’t get otherwise.

Think about the last time you called a customer service representative at a big box company. Do you remember anything about that call? I doubt it.

Now think about what it’s like to call your family or friends. You can envision who is on the other end of the line. You feel comfort in taking their calls, and you genuinely have less walls up while you’re talking. See the difference?

Making An Impact

You can feel free to write it in your own voice, so to speak, and prospects will find a connection in your story, family life, business history, or whatever you choose to add. Here are things we recommend:
  • Your ‘story’ of why you became an agent.
  • What makes you different than Joe Agent next door?
  • What is your background? education? work experience?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Showcase your abilities, awards and recognition.
There really aren’t limitations on what you do for your about page, including written words, pictures or video media. Just make it look and feel like the real you.

Take your time and make it good. Have a spouse, brother, sister, colleague or someone close to you read it, and ask them for their opinion. Ask if it feels like you in real life.

In the end, put some real effort into this page because it really may make a difference in how well your site converts a reader to a lead.

What NOT To Do

You don’t want to leave your reader feeling like you’re a cookie cutter, vanilla type of agency. They want to find a reason to trust your or they’ll leave.

Here is an example of what we’d consider to be a pretty poor example.

Notice there is no imagery to show you who you’re dealing with. There isn’t even a name of an agent, no back story, no differentiating factor. This site even goes as far to send the readers away from the site to validate elsewhere. Don’t do this.

While the map is okay, the payment options section is unacceptable. You do NOT want to try to actively sell or even hint about it on your “About Us” page whatsoever. You’re building trust here, not selling. The rest of your website should aim at converting prospects to leads, but definitely not here.

About Us Done Right

On there other hand, let’s look at a website who has done very well.

Here is an example of a page constructed with the end user in mind.

The moment you arrive on the page, you see a smiling face of the agent behind the business. He describes himself, his practice, where he’s located, and what he’s done in the past. Next, he explains what he does, where he specializes, and showcases his successes.

Then there’s his video. What a fantastic way to introduce yourself and business to your future clients. It’s a short and sweet piece of media which really encapsulates the person behind the phone. Hopefully you see the difference something like this can make.

To take it a step further, note the extensive description below the video. There’s a personal history, introduction to his family, and tons of aspects of his life aside from business. There’s talk of sports, hobbies and fun facts anyone could appreciate. Finally, he closes with two charities near and dear to his heart.

That’s an excellent page, one a prospect can actually relate to.