One Complete Life Insurance Lead Generating Website (at unbeatable market pricing)



Our offer is simple: We’ll build you a powerful life insurance website and give you the tools to generate consistent new life insurance inquiries.

The internet has completely changed the way life insurance is being sold. There’s a tidal wave of prospects coming online to research and purchase life insurance and a finely tuned life insurance website can deliver a steady stream of prospects.

The #1 concern of life insurance agents that have websites is they aren’t getting any (or enough) leads. The reason is simple: their websites aren’t built properly and they don’t have the knowledge to generate traffic to their website. We’re solving that problem.

WPLifeInsurance is the industry’s only website agency focused solely on life insurance agents. Using our agency, you’ll get a tremendously effective website and benefit from our deep life insurance marketing expertise.

Here’s what’s included:

  • We’ll design and program your website on WordPress, the #1 content management system on the internet.
  • Your website will showcase your company: logo, phone number, address and any images you want to add to personalize it.  The website is 100% customizable.
  • Your website and instant life quote engine will be mobile responsive so it renders to mobile devices and tablets.(most website quoters aren’t mobile responsive)
  • We’ll customize a consumer facing instant quote tool. If you don’t want instant quotes,
    we’ll customize a web form and have it emailed where you want it to go. (Subscription to NinjaQuoter required for instant quotes.)
  • We’ll optimize your website to rank in the search engines. This includes adding a free SSL certificate, installing SEO
    plugins and making sure your site speed is fast. In other words, it will be organized, optimized, and load
  • We build you our highest converting landing page to send any referral traffic or paid ads (HUGE VALUE).
  • Our recommendations. If you’re not sure about something, just ask! We’ll help with expert suggestions.
    We have years of experience.

Bonus:  LIFETIME ACCESS to our active community of life insurance agents building their life insurance businesses online.  Case studies and strategy of using your website to generate leads online.  Ask any questions you want and we’ll help.  ($600 value)

How are we able to deliver all this?

We’ve been lucky enough to work with world class web developers to build our network of websites over the years.

With them, we’ve built in systems and processes to streamline everything to keep the costs low and avoid the back and forth
which takes up so much time and money. We know what works and our programmers know how to do it without any instruction.

Exclusive Value From Working With WPLifeInsurance

Besides building you a high converting, beautiful website that will impress your prospects/clients, there’s other value we add:

With NinjaQuoter You Can:

  • Post leads directly into your CRM.  Simply ask your CRM provider for “posting instructions” and forward those to NinjaQuoter and they’ll post leads directly into your CRM.
  • Modify your quoter to only show certain companies.  For example, lets say you have a “no medical exam” page – we can only display quotes of the no exam carriers.  Same thing with final expense.

This isn’t for everyone, but it’s an option just by having NinjaQuoter.

High Converting Landing Page

Essential to any paid marketing campaign is a high converting landing page. Whether you do any pay-per-click, re-targeting, Facebook Ads, display advertising or media buys – this is where you want to send that traffic. To get one designed and implemented on your site and hooked into your instant quote software would cost well over $500, we include it with every site.

Even if you’re not ready to do this type of marketing, this landing page is waiting for you when you are.

Here’s the layout:

We’ve been testing these for years and are giving you our highest converting landing page included in the price.

Intelligence on your leads.

When someone fills out an instant quote form, you don’t just get the info they put on the quote form – you also get the page they filled it out on.  In other words, you’ll have intel to what your prospects are searching for before contacting them.


In the example above, a prospect filled out a form on your multiple sclerosis article and we pass that information on to you so you’re prepared going into that call. HUGE value here so you can grab a MS underwriting questionnaire and sound like you’re an expert.  Same goes with any risk.

With this information you’ll get a good handle on what the top performing pages on your site are.

The Process

Step 1. Information Gathering

Upon payment, you’ll automatically be sent a questionnaire to fill out.  The questionnaire involves answering a series of questions that will allow us to customize your website.

You’re required to subscribe to NinjaQuoter if you want instant quotes (otherwise we’ll program a custom form) and WPEngine  (20% off link) and provide us the logins.

Step 2. Programming

Once we have all the information we need, the site goes into programming and we take it from here. Depending on our work queue, this can take 7-14 days. We’ll let you know at the start of the project.

Step 3. Delivery

We’ll deliver your website along with tutorials of using/customizing the website we send you.  At this point we’ll send you an invitation to a private community so you can start learning ways to generate leads from your site!


MDudayev“Being an online life insurance agency, our business revolves around our digital marketing efforts. Jeff helped us redesign our website with complete Conversion Rate Optimization which increased our overall ROI instantly! The redesign also came with lead intelligence capability which allowed us to gauge our content marketing performance. WPLifeInsurance gave us enough flexibility to customize our quote engines to be topical, but guided enough to increase our conversions. If you’re going digital, I couldn’t recommend it more.”

Sean Dudayev
Director of Marketing

CHuntley“I’ve used Jeff Root’s WPLifeInsurance principles to build my life insurance site to the point where I now get over 1,000 leads per month! WordPress is easy to learn, and no one has more experience helping agents build their sites than Jeff.”

Chris Huntley
Huntley Wealth & Insurance Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Help Me Generate Traffic To My Website?

We don’t.  That’s up to you.

We give you the car and the keys, you need to drive.

You’ll have a solid foundation in place, now you need to choose if you want to rank in the search engines or buy traffic to your website and send it to your custom landing page.  Either way, you’re in the best possible position for success and our community will be there to support you in anything you do.

Can I see any of your websites that you’re modeling your design after?

We don’t want to link to any live sites we’ve done because of the tendency to enter in fake information in the quote forms (to test them out) and it inconveniences our clients and messes with their website analytics. We also don’t want to give away all our secret sauce, so here’s a few screenshots of images of homepages:

We’ll use those same designs, but add different messaging, images and colors to match your logo.

We don’t deviate outside the designs we show you because we’ve tested conversions already.  However all images, phone numbers and logos are easily changed within the platform with video training on how to do it.

When will I start receiving leads?

This will be different for everyone.

If you’re buying traffic.  As soon as you start your advertising.  Next week?

If you’re trying to rank in the search engines.  It depends how much time you devote to writing content and how resourceful you are with the advice in our communityy. I would say that 4-6 months AFTER your website is launched with 50 pages of long-form content, you’ll start receiving leads from the search engines.

How much is the instant quote software?

We use Ninja Quoter’s Internet Quote Engine. It’s a custom quoting database made specifically for life insurance agent websites. There is a 30 day trial, which is followed by a subscription price of $19 – $39 per month thereafter.

We’ll get it installed, take the time to match it to your website, have the leads sent to your email and you’ll get access to all the tracking Ninja Quoter provides for you in your own account.

We do not support any other quoting software simply because NinjaQuoter makes the best software at the lowest price point.

Why do you require WPEngine for the host?

The highest performing agents we know are using WPEngine.  We use them with all our sites and believe you should too.  They are that reliable and just that good.

Too many agents go with cheap hosting and have problems with getting hacked, their site going down for maintenance or overall slow performance which results in less traffic, leads and sales. Fast page load speeds are key for ranking signals in Google and WPEngine has lightning fast load times.

We test every website before delivery to make sure it loads in less than 3 seconds. If your website is going to be the hub of your business, it should load fast and be completely secure.

On top of that, they provide a free SSL certificate program and we install it on every site we deliver.  Google has said publicly that they favor sites with an SSL certificate.

We require that you host your website through WPEngine and we’ll provide you with a 20% discount code after you purchase.

WPEngine also has developer tools that let us design and program websites more efficiently than we could with other hosting vendors and we pass those savings on to you (we used to charge $2500 for these websites!).

If you already have WPEngine, great!  We can build on your account.

Can’t you get a custom life insurance website on WordPress for less?

Yes you can, BUT:

  • It WON’T be optimized for Google/Bing/Yahoo’s guidelines.
  • The design elements and messaging are so important to life insurance websites for conversions.  Your website will be half as effective.  2%-3% conversions as opposed to 5%-7% conversions.
  • It won’t include customized instant quotes.
  • You won’t get our marketing support after the website is delivered for generating life insurance prospects to your website through our community.

Basically you won’t benefit from our deep life insurance marketing expertise. Every lesson we’ve learned over the last 5 years will be applied to your site.

You truly do get what you pay for with the low cost web designers.

Aren’t you creating competition?

There are a lot of life insurance niches. You have your local area, health conditions, specialties and 100’s of thousands of variations of life insurance “searches” consumers are researching for online. Then there are 10 spots for each of those niches on the first page of Google.  On top of that there are dozens of ways to send traffic to your website: search engines, pay per click, e-mail marketing, media buying, referrals and guest blogging are just a few of those ways.

Combine everything above and there’s more opportunity than there are agents marketing online.

It’s a land grab right now.

I don’t have a logo, do I need one?

If you don’t have a logo, we’ll design one for you included in the price – you can always switch it out later if you don’t like it.  Easy fix.

What about website content?

You’re responsible for all your website content.  You can easily outsource it (we’ll provide recommendations after purchase).

If no content is provided, we’ll deliver your site with place-holder “lorum ipsum” content. Our training videos will show you how to add content. It’s very easy with WordPress.

I have a website, will you redesign my site?

If it’s built on WordPress, then yes we can redesign – it will be more expensive based on how many pages your site has.

Do you build the site on my domain and hosting?

Yes. You own the website 100% so we’ll build on your domain name and WPEngine hosting.

Domains run around $12 annually and hosting runs around $29/mo for WPEngine (we have a 20% off link for you).  All you need to do is provide us with the login information when you sign up and we’ll build the site on YOUR domain and hosting. Any questions on any of this, just ask us!

How long does the process take?

Once you complete our questionnaire, it takes 7-14 days to deliver your completed site depending on our work queue. Average time is 10 days from the time you complete the questionnaire. We’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Do you offer any discounts?

Not at this price.  We’ve discounted it as much as we could – remember, it used to be $2500!

Final Thoughts

We believe life insurance agents should be building and not buying leads. This is an investment in your business and one that can send you new clients for years to come by taking action today.

Marketing a life insurance website is easier than you think. If you’re able to carve out time, follow instructions and be resourceful – there’s a high chance you’ll recoup the cost of this website within 6 months and have the skills to replicate it.

In summary:

1. We’ll build you a high performing, life insurance focused website using our deep life insurance marketing experience. Our process will tailor the website to your strengths.

2. You’re responsible to pay for your domain name, hosting and instant quote software subscription. The life insurance quote subscription through Ninja Quoter is $19/mo-$39/mo. Domain name is around $12/annually and hosting is $29/mo.   You own your site 100%.

3. We’ll get you LIFETIME access to our community.  You’ll know exactly what you need to do generate leads and if something is unclear, just ask.  If you can follow instructions and commit the time to do the things we tell you, you’ll be generating your own leads in no time.